Gary Ibsen's Children's Heirloom Tomato Seed Collection

A Celebration of Heirloom Tomato Varieties from Around the World


"Children's" Tomato Seed Collection

Hardly any activity could benefit a child more than time spent in a garden...tending to a garden.

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Children in the Garden Children in the Garden Children in the Garden

To anyone who is in relationship with children, I encourage them to kindle an interest in children toward a gardening experience. Whether by starting their own tomato garden, or taking part in the family garden, school garden, community garden... even if it be tending to one tomato plant, the experience will serve to benefit the children through their lives. Grow your children in the garden.

In assembling the Children's Tomato Garden Collection I had in mind to introduce children to heirloom tomato varieties that had fun names, had more sweetness to the fruit, with a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. I plan to change the tomato varieties in the Children's Heirloom Tomato Collection from time to time but for now I have included: Snow White heirloom tomato, Camp Joy heirloom tomato, Brown's Yellow Giant heirloom tomato, Banana legs heirloom tomato, Pink Pong heirloom tomato, Aunt Ruby's Yellow heirloom tomato and Gold Currant heirloom tomato.

A perfect gift for a youngster would be some gardening supplies (watering can, trowel, some seeds and seed starting materials. (this could be as easy a cup with some seed starting mix in it). See our recommended gardening supplies.

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"Children's" Tomato Seed Collection

A selection of Gary's favorite heirloom tomato seeds that have been proven winners with children at tomato tastings, even with kids whose moms had announced they don't like tomatoes. Some varieties have wonderful names that capture the attention of young imaginations. A perfect gift for future gardeners! This collection contains individual packs of the following heirloom tomato seed varieties: (25 - 30 seeds/pack)

Cost: $17, a savings of $4.95 off individual seed pack price.

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  • Banana Legs Tomato (Very prolific and long-season plant producing 3-4 inch long, bright yellow, meaty, banana-shaped fruits. Great for slicing into salads. Indeterminate. 75 Days.)
  • Brown's Yellow Giant Tomato (Big leafy plant producing heavy yields of 1 lb. gorgeous tomatoes with mild, tropical fruity flavors. Indeterminate. 90 Days.)
  • Camp Joy Tomato (Heavy bearing heirloom variety that offers an abundance of luscious fruit with huge, well-balanced, sweet tomato flavors. One of Gary Ibsen's favorite cherry varieties. Perfect snacking tomato. Indeterminate. 81 Days.)
  • Gold Currant Tomato (1/2-inch, golden cherries with very sweet & tangy flavor. Great for dressing up a salad or any dish or just snackin'. Indeterminate. 76 Days.)
  • Pink Ping Pong Tomato (This heirloom produces amazing yields of sweet, pink fruits the size of ping pong balls. Juicy and bursting with superb flavors. Great for salads, canned, or popped in your mouth off the vine. Indeterminate. 75 Days.)
  • Snow White Tomato (Ivory-colored cherry tomatoes that ripen to a pale yellow. Fruit is deliciously sweet, round, 1/2-inch and borne from productive vines. This has always been a great hit for me with kids, especially those who claimed to not like tomatoes. Indeterminate. 75 Days.)
  • Aunt Ruby's Yellow Cherry Tomato (A very productive and vigorous heirloom that yields 3/4 to 1-inch, round, yellow cherries with a fruity-tart flavor. Indeterminate. 75 Days.)