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From Laurel Garza at Heirloom Tomato Plants

Laurel Garza
Laurel Garza of
Here is a great resource for gardeners who may have run out of time for planting their own tomato seeds. having your heirloom tomato plants mailed to you directly.

TomatoFest does not currently have the ability to send you live heirloom tomato plants by mail. However, we feel it's a valuable service to you, our customer, to suggest a dependable destination for obtaining live, healthy, tomato plants by mail.

Although not affiliated, Dagma and I respect and support Laurel Garza, and her business, in Southern California. We have visited her growing/distribution facility and were impressed with her packaging and delivery service of live tomato plants. We may offer you additional resources in the future from other regions.

We supply Laurel Garza with most of the heirloom tomato seeds she grows for providing gardeners with healthy tomato plants via mail. She is a year-round source for 150 varieties of heirloom tomato plants as well as a limited selection of hybrid tomato plants.

Contact Laurel directly to Order Live Tomato Plants delivered:
Email: Laurel Garza