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Why TomatoFest is Your Best Source for Tomato Seeds
  • Unlike many other tomato seed suppliers who may source their seed from independent contractors, our small family business grows and harvests our own Certified Organic heirloom tomato seeds by hand, to ensure you the finest quality heirloom tomato seeds. We guarantee our seeds!

  • We source favorite and rare tomato seed varieties from small family farms and seed collectors around the world. Through years of growing out these tomato varieties, we've trialed and selected for you our favorite tomato varieties based upon flavor, fruit abundance and adaptability.

  • We grow our heirloom tomatoes on healthy, mineral-rich, certified organic land. We practice crop rotation, feed the soil off-season with cover crops, and fertilize our plants with an abundant selection of organic minerals.

  • We maintain detailed notes about all plant and fruit growth characteristics and keep "tasting notes" for each tomato variety.

  • We personally photograph all the tomatoes we grow, make sure all the fruit is true to the variety, and research each variety's history, just so you will have the most complete information available about each tomato variety.

  • All of our seeds are 100% Certified Organic, free from GMO's and disease. Our seeds are extracted from selected fruit by hand, and prepared through a natural fermentation process to remove possible disease pathogens.

  • Our Customer Service is personal and quick. We respond to all questions or problems from our gardener friends.

We take the growing, nurturing, harvesting and management of our tomato seed crop responsibly and personally. This is a family business for home gardeners. The integrity that sustains our personal lives is extended to you through our seeds.

Our TomatoFest mission is simple: to be a positive force in supporting plant bio-diversity, to help preserve the many heirloom tomato varieties that had been rapidly disappearing, and assure home gardeners the ability to own their own foods by owning their seeds and promoting sustainable practices.

With your help we are protecting these tomato varieties to offer home gardeners. Thank you for recommending to your friends and family and for financially supporting our seed preservation efforts through your orders.