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Bulk Tomato Seed Orders

We often have small farmers wanting to order larger quantities of TomatoFest Garden Tomato Seeds packaged separately in bulk. Yes, we do offer bulk sales of our organic heirloom tomato seeds.

Because Dagma and I grow more than 650 heirloom tomato varieties and do all the planting, harvesting and packaging ourselves by hand, we are not able to harvest large amounts of any seed variety like other big seed suppliers, who generally contract their farming/harvesting to third parties (often outside of the U.S.). Our seed harvest for any variety is measured in ounces versus pounds.

We are generally able to provide up to an ounce for any one variety, sometimes more depending upon the popularity and inventory availability of a variety. If it's a bulk seed order you want, we have a 600 seed minimum per variety. For orders lower than that I must direct you to for per pack sales (15-20 seeds per pack).

We customize the discounted pricing based upon how much inventory we have, quantity of seed ordered, how rare the seeds are, and how much each variety typically yields in seed. (i.e., New Zealand Pink Pear may have 20 seeds per fruit versus a cherry, like Snow White, may have 100 seeds per fruit, or some paste varieties may have only several seeds per fruit.) Therefore, the cost of producing the seeds for some varieties is much higher than others. Generally our discounts run 20-75% discount off our retail price. (Figure 450-600 seeds per gram).

When inquiring about an order and pricing, please email me the amount of each variety you want by seed count or weight (ounces or grams). I'll get back to you to advise you if I have the amount of seed you've requested and the discount I can offer you. The discount will vary from time to time during the season since it is based upon how much seed for any variety remains in stock and how rare the variety is. When our seed stock runs low as the season progresses we may run out of certain varieties. Our per/pack, home gardener, retail customer has priority if we are running short of any tomato seed variety.

You may e-mail me with enquiries. - Gary Ibsen