Patio Gardener Tomato Seed Collection
Patio Gardener Tomato Seed Collection
Patio Gardener Tomato Seed Collection

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I continually get requests to guide my gardening friends toward selecting the best heirloom tomato varieties for their patio garden, or rooftop garden, or to plant heirloom tomatoes in raised beds or large pots. Here is a winning variety of sizes, shapes, colors for decoration, cooking or snacking...with a great diversity of tomato flavors for your patio heirloom tomato garden. This heirloom tomato seed collection contains individual packs of the following organic heirloom tomato seed varieties: (25 - 30 seeds/pack)

  • Amber Colored Heirloom Tomato - (A favorite Russian heirloom. Large bushy plant that produces 2-inch amber-colored globes. Very good sweet flavors with just enough acid balance to enhance the taste. Semi-Determinate. 70 Days)
  • Angora Super Sweet Heirloom Tomato - (Very productive plant with fuzzy turquoise to blue-grey colored leaves. 1-inch, super-sweet cherry. Indeterminate. 73 Days)
  • Black Ethopian Heirloom Tomato - (Originally from the Ukraine. Huge production of brown-red-bronze, 5-oz., plum-shaped fruit. Exceptional, rich, tangy taste. Indeterminate. 81 Days)
  • Burbank Slicing Heirloom Tomato - (Heavy producer of 10 oz., red, round fruit. Very high in amino acids. Does well in drier climates. VERY TASTY! Determinate. 70 Days)
  • Dona Heirloom Tomato - (This excellent variety was bred by the French specifically for their customers in markets, where flavor and quality standards are uncompromising. An almost seedless, round tomato with a sweet/acid balance that few modern tomatoes can match. The heavily producing plants yield 6 ounce, juicy fruits that are smooth, meaty, and deep-red in hue. Indeterminate. 75 Days)
  • Sophie's Choice Heirloom Tomato - (From Canada. Considered to be the "best choice" for an extra early tomato. Abundance of 10 oz. globes. fruit is a red-orange outside and deep red inside. Determinate. 55 Days.)
  • White Bush Heirloom Tomato - (A leafy bush plant that yields 2-inch, slightly flattened, round, white fruit with yellow tinge and wonderful sweet flavors. Determinate. 75 Days)
  • Zhefen Short Tomato - (Seeds from Zhengjiang province of China as a family favorite. A wonderful tomato. From this 3' plant an abundance of beautiful pink, slightly oval 3-inch fruit with good juice, sweet/acid balance and great taste. Determinate 68 Days)

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