We ship all orders as requested by the customer upon completion of order. Most orders are successfully sent via US Postal Service, first class mail or Global Priority. We are not responsible for lost shipments. You must contact us about a lost shipment claim within 30 days of the order being shipped.

TomatoFest is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments. We are not responsible for lost orders shipped to an incorrect address. If you provided us with an incorrect address, you assume all risk.

International Orders. Please read before ordering!!!

We do ship seeds internationally. However, we cannot be held responsible if your order is delayed, lost or confiscated by the Customs office of your country. If you buy seed from us, have it shipped to a foreign country and it is rejected it will be at your own expense. We will not be responsible for rejected or "lost" orders. You will not receive a refund or ANY form of compensation. All foreign orders are shipped at you own risk.

Please note: We do not issue phytosanitary certificates which are some times needed to ship for foreign countries. It cost us a great deal to have a certificate issued because the Agricultural Inspector (for a fee) must come out to inspect each packet of seeds in the shipment and the process involved is not cost effective for us. TomatoFest is not responsible for orders sent to foreign countries or orders sent to FPO/APO addresses.

Shipping and Handling:

The shipping and handling fee is calculated automatically upon completing your order. It is based upon the shipping method, and the dollar amount of the order. The shipping and handling fee does not just include postage, but includes the cost for packaging, labels, etc., cost to fill the order. By completing the order, you accept the shipping and handling fees.

Shipping Delivery Time:

The busiest time of the year is between December and April. Except for our busiest period, orders are generally shipped within 3 business days of receiving your order. During our busiest period, it may take up to 9 business days to ship from the day you placed your order. The delivery time is based on the time it takes to process your order in the order it was received. Note: We live in a rural location and do not have mail pick up on weekends.

Credit Card Requirements:

Customers are required to provide the exact billing address that appears on their credit card statement. The AVS (Automated Verification System) checks the address and compares the information to the issuing bank's database. The customer must also provide a valid telephone number. If any of the information is not provided, our Credit Card Verification Service can't verify the credit card information, and the order is generally refused. You may contact us with any difficulties you face with completing the credit card authorizing process and we will assist you in the authorizing process to complete your order.

Valid Email Address:

You must provide a valid email address when placing an order. We send a confirmation of the order via email. We also send a confirmation when the order is shipped. If a valid email address is not provided, you will not be able to receive confirmation.

Valid Shipping Address:

You must provide an accurate shipping address when placing your order. Please include the USPS address where you get your mail. We send a confirmation of your order via email. Please review the address on the email confirmation for accuracy. If a valid shipping address is not provided, and the order is shipped, the customer bears full responsibility for a lost shipment.

Return Policy:

We are not able to accept returns of any seeds because we are not able to control the quality control when seeds are no longer in our possession. However, all of our seeds are guaranteed. If you have any problem at all with our seeds, send us an email through our Contact Us page and we will send you new seeds or credit your order.

Secure Ordering:

When you place an order through our secure ordering system, your credit card information is secure. Our Volusion shopping cart is a secure site.