Cherry Tomato Seed Collection
Cherry Tomato Seed Collection

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Every tomato garden should have a selection of different colored cherry tomatoes.

The cherry tomatoes I selected for the Cherry Tomato Seeds Collection all have pronounced, wonderful flavors...all slightly different (some sweeter than others). All will have you pleased you selected these tomato varieties. I assembled for you here a selection of different colors and different shapes that are sure to evoke delightful compliments when displayed by themselves in a bowl for snacking, added to salads or into dishes you create with these cherry tomatoes, as a garnish or a main ingredient.

You may enjoy planting a row of different colored cherry tomatoes, or surround your porch or patio with cherry tomato plants. When my children were small I would plant different colored cherry tomatoes outside of their bedroom windows, tied up to the eves of the roof. When the sun would hit the cherry tomatoes in the morning a rainbow of colored light reflected from the fruits into their rooms, and open windows allowed all day snacking with friends.

This heirloom cherry tomato seed collection contains individual packs of the following organic heirloom cherry tomato varieties: (25 - 30 seeds/pack)

  • Black Plum Heirloom Cherry Tomato - (Russian, long crop of 2-inch elongated plum-shaped fruits mahogany colored with a sweet, tangy flavor. Indeterminate. 82 Days.)
  • Coyote Heirloom Cherry Tomato - (A sweet, jewel-like, 1/2-inch yellow cherry, borne in an abundant crop. VERY TASTY! Indeterminate. 75 Days)
  • God Love Heirloom Cherry Tomato - (Very productive, 1x 2-inch, jade-pink plum with robust tomato flavor. A beautiful salad and snacking tomato. Indeterminate. 75 Days)
  • Grandpa's Minnesota Heirloom Cherry Tomato - (Prolific heirloom. Red, 1-inch, round, cherries that have a mild sweet flavor. Indeterminate. 75 Days)
  • Hawaiian Currant Heirloom Cherry Tomato - (A sweet red cherry, pea-sized currant that holds fruit on clusters until all are ripe. A very sweet and tasty treat. Indeterminate. 80 Days)
  • Isis Candy Cherry Heirloom Tomato - (This tomato produces a delightful, 1-inch round, yellow with red tinge and marbling. Gold flesh. Typically a 'cat's eye' star of yellow on one end of fruit. The delicious sweet taste is rich and fruity. This has been a favorite "candy" treat with kids. Indeterminate. 67 Days)
  • Super Snow White Heirloom Cherry Tomato - (Delicious, 2 oz., ivory-colored tomatoes, that ripen to the size of ping pong balls. Indeterminate. 75 Days)
  • Yellow Pear Heirloom Cherry Tomato - (Clusters of small bright-yellow, pear-shaped fruit. Delicious! Indeterminate. 85 Days)

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