Indoor Container Tomato Collection #2
Indoor Container Tomato Collection #2
Indoor Container Tomato Collection #2

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These are tomato varieties I recommend for indoor container gardening, perfectly suitable to patio container gardening outside. They are suited for growing indoors in any season. This tomato seed collection contains individual packs of the following tomato varieties: (25 - 25 seeds/pack)

  • Bush Beefsteak Heirloom Tomato A wonderful, compact and very prolific, short bushy plant that grows to 3 feet. Yields huge amounts of very early producing 8 oz. beefsteak tomatoes in clusters. A very popular variety.
  • Principe Borghese Heirloom Tomato Italian heirloom. Short determinate plants that prolifically yield big clusters of 1-2 oz. red, plum shaped, crack-resistant paste tomatoes that are a great substitute for Roma tomatoes. Tomatoes are prized for drying because they retain more flavor than most other drying varieties. A great sauce tomato or eating fresh in salads or canning.
  • Sophie's Choice Heirloom Tomato Considered to be the "best choice" for an extra early tomato. Strong disease resistant short determinate (24") produces an abundance of 8 to 10 oz. globes. Fruit is a red-orange outside and deep red inside.
  • Grushovka Heirloom Tomato Siberian origin. Delicious, small (2-3-inch) plum-shaped, pink/red tomatoes on small plants. A very good choice for container gardening. Good canning tomato. Very, very tasty.
  • Manitoba Heirloom Tomato Extremely early variety developed in Manitoba. Became popular for being a great variety for northern areas of Montana, Dakotas and Wisconsin. However a very popular variety for gardeners throughout the U.S. Bright red, 6 oz., slightly flattened fruits. Perfect for small gardens or container gardens ANYWHERE.
  • Sprite Heirloom Tomato One of the best grape tomatoes. This tomato variety is perfectly suited to small gardens and patio gardening. Plants produce short, very productive , tomato plants that yield small brilliant red, oval grape tomatoes borne in large numbers with refreshingly sweet flavors. Just like the original grape tomatoes these have thin skins and are packed with sweet juice.
  • Cream Sausage Heirloom Tomato This regular leaf bush plant is a prolific producer of 3-inch long, creamy white-yellow, sausage type paste tomatoes with small nipple on blossom end. Very good flavor. Great for making a sweet salsa or a delicious yellow pasta sauce.

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