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The Great Tomato Book

The Great Tomato Book
The Great Tomato Book
"The Great Tomato Book" by Gary Ibsen has been nominated by the International Association of Culinary Professionals for best cookbook in the single subject category.

"'The Great Tomato Book' really...great....The author is all-tomato all the time. Few have done more with or about heirloom tomatoes". - The HOME Monthly

"...a detailed how to guide for the home tomato grower..." - Orange County Register

"What to do with all those tomatoes? Let an expert help you construct the perfect dish." - Sacramento Bee

"One of the nicest ways to enjoy heirloom tomatoes . . ." - New York Daily News

"The Great Tomato Book"

Tomatoes! Anyone who's ever savored a ripe, homegrown tomato knows not all tomatoes are created equal. For too many years, the tomatoes in supermarkets have been beautiful but bland. Only recently has a bounty of heirloom tomatoes and new tomato varieties, with that wonderful old-fashioned tomato flavor, become available. The Great Tomato Book guides you through this astonishing diversity of vine-ripened delights, offering background and cultivation information for over 80 heirloom tomato varieties. Author Gary Ibsen, tomato grower and founder of the renowned TomatoFest in Carmel, California, tells you not only which heirloom tomatoes taste the best but also where to find them, and shares secrets on how to grow your own heirloom tomatoes and other heirloom tomato information. Standout recipes, from Fried Green Tomatoes to Arabian Gazpacho round out this essential reference. From vine to kitchen The Great Tomato Book delivers everything a tomato lover could want.

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