Customer Testimonials

Many of our customers send us letters of appreciation to compliment us for the quality of our TomatoFest? heirloom tomato seeds and the personal service they have received. We wanted to share just some of these with you to demonstrate some of what stands us apart from other seed suppliers and who we are.

We make it a point to provide all of our customers with the best:

  • Easy access to information about tomato seed varieties and information about seed starting and growing your tomato plants.
  • The finest quality tomato seeds with germination tests of 90% or above.
  • A choice of the "best-tasting" tomato varieties suitable for most growing regions and tomato varieties are true to type.
  • Quick processing of orders. (Seed orders are sent within 2 business days).
  • Timely and personal problem solving.
  • Answers to questions regarding tomato seed selection, seed starting and the growing of your tomato plants.
  • Our commitment to community service and support of plant biodiversity.


Oh My!
Dear tomato fest, I had to write you and tell you about our harvest this year.
Oh my. I planted 5 seeds in each starter cup, like suggested to make sure I got good germination.
Oh my. They all made it.
I thought, well maybe I will lose a few when I transplant.
Oh my. They all made it.
Now, I have about 200 plants growing. I gave many away and still had about 125 to plant.
We got a late start due to weather, but I had the short season and high altitude varieties. They did the best I have ever grown. We harvested three huge crops, about 3 to 400 lbs each. I am still canning. I am at 15 cases right now. I have supplied 20 friends and relatives. The tomatoes were HUGE. Many were 2 handers. 12 huge tomatoes per branch.
They took over my garden and had a hay day.
Thank you so much. I recommend you to my friends and neighbors. I even took them to the bank, three restaurants, and I know they think, oh no, here comes that tomato lady.
Thank you so much. ❤️   I have encouraged them all to save seeds also.
Much love and gratitude, Patty Frandsen
Thanks for a bountiful harvest!
Gary: I just wanted to take a quick moment and tell you my tomato garden from your seeds has been absolutely fabulous this year, here in Oklahoma. I planted many varieties and babied them along to their current grandeur starting one winter evening last February! Shared the seedlings with our children who are also enjoying God's bounty from TomatoFest.
I tried very hard to carefully keep track of the varieties to find our favorites. Surprises we have really enjoyed this year were Kellogg's Breakfast (what a gorgeous color). I swear our Aussie tomatoes are 2 pounds a piece. Blondkopfchen has been a favorite of our grandkids as well as Isis Candy Cherry. These little wonders are incredibly sweet.
Thanks again - this has been a wonderful experience growing our own organic tomatoes from seeds and heirloom seeds at that. They are truly worth the wait and tender loving care to enjoy what we have this summer. Tomato blessings to you and yours!
Deb W.
Thank you for your prompt delivery and your personal attention to solving my tomato questions. I will tell my friends about your site and good service.
Rosalie James, Grover, NC
Never got a chance to say thank you for the Hillbilly heirloom tomato seeds you sent us last year. All grew into bountiful plants - like everything else we have ordered from you.
Simka Bentzen, New York, NY
Gary, I have to tell you that I had great luck with the Cherokee Chocolate heirloom tomato variety. Thanks for suggesting it! It was very yummy and I won "Largest Tomato" at our local "Show Us Your Tomatoes!" contest last August ($100 in gift certificates.) I liked the Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red too. Thanks!
Barbara Peterson, Gulfport, MS
I live in Australia and purchased a range of tomato seeds off your website several months ago. All look to be going quite well, with LOTS of tomatoes. I'm so happy that I was thinking of setting up a tomato greenhouse for the winter months. I love your heirlooms.
Roy Avaliotos, Port Melbourne
Gary, My tomatos were out of control grew up to 8 feet tall and got the size of my hand, which is a big hand. I will buy more seeds from you. Thank you.
Bud Mills, Niagra Falls, ON, Canada
Hi Gary, I just wanted to let you know that the Red Zebra heirloom tomato seeds, which were inadvertantly left out of my order when it was sent, arrived safely last week, along with the extra Green Zebra heirloom tomato seeds you sent. I would like to say thank you for your excellent service and I am looking forward to growing them.
Bob Jelleymen, Wallsend, Australia
Hi - my Mississippi tomato harvest is winding down (whew!) I bought most of my seeds from you this year, and had huge success.
Kelly Hewson, Brookline MA
Mr. Ibsen, I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I have been this season with the new verities I choose from TomatoFest! I especially loved the Sunset's Red Horizon heirloom tomato and will keep it as one of MY favorites! Here in the North-East the season was better than it's been in the last three years. The tomato bandit struck a couple of weeks ago-but I was fortunately spared! (I garden in a community garden allotment and it's just toooo tempting for tomato lovers to pass up!) Wish I could attend your TomatoFest!
Donna Lowert, Toronto, Canada
Hi Gary, Wanted to let you guys know the seeds I got from you have abut 95% germination rate. Fantastic. Any way thanks.
Jim, Wood, Concord, NC
Gary, thank you for the all the seeds including the VERY fresh Hawaiian Currant heirloom seeds-almost 100% germination in about 60 hours at 80?. Yikes!
Laurel Jamison, Boulder, CO
Hi, I placed an order last week (Feb 14th) and it was in my mailbox in Melbourne Australia today Feb 20th. I'm really impressed. Just wanted to say thank you for the great service and for the free bonus seeds included.
Lyn Roth
Thanks for the seeds. I am very impressed with the work you are doing to preserve one of our best resources -- pure and unaltered seed.
Jennifer Dailey, Edmonton, Canada
Mr. Ibsen, Your company was fast to get me my tomato seeds and I appreciate your help with resolving my tomato issues! Thanks again, it is nice to have a company that is so customer friendly.
Anita Suttle, Round Rock, TX
Hi There Friend, Just a short note of thanks! I am very happy with the seeds I bought from you. All I grow in my garden is tomatoes and the seeds from you really produce jaw dropping, heart-stopping fruit. You can expect my seed order for next season for sure!
Garth Cargill, Lincoln, MA
Mr. Ibsen, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my heirloom tomatoes! I tried growing tomatoes once before - not anything special - just some plants that I bought at the local garden center and they were average with an average amount of fruit. The seeds I bought from you that I started using the APS growing system are AMAZING! 95% of my seeds grew into seedlings and all of them have flourished and fruited. I have so much fruit on each plant and they taste incredible. I have been treating friends and family to my ongoing harvest and they are wild about the tomatoes. I can't wait to do this every year. I am hooked on growing heirloom tomatoes now!
Shannon Bates, Marblehead, MA
Thank you Gary I am so pleased with my tomato seeds I bought from you I just had to share my success with you. Who says you can't grow tomatoes in the city. I hope you enjoy my pictures. Thanks again you have a greatfull customer with me.
Laurel Klein, Cleveland, Ohio
Very many thanks for the wonderful tomato seeds that I recently ordered from you. I have quite a collection now and cannot wait until Spring comes around and I can start planting. What great service from you, very fast and efficient. I grow all my tomatoes organically, I believe it is important to do so and I do think the end product tastes so different. My friends and relatives will also profit. Many thanks and I will be back to your wonderful site next year.
Mrs. Elizabeth LeRiche, Surrey, U.K.
Gary, You are the best, thanks for rushing my order. I'm putting them in the start kits now. I'm a really tomato fan and I assure you this will not be the last time I'll be ordering. Thanks for the free bonus of tomato seeds. I don't do alot of internet shopping. People are quick to complain when they don't get the service they think they deserve, but your quick response and personal help show how seriously you take your website and tomatoes.
Thomas Goobiel, Dallas, TX
I grow heirloom tomatoes for local plant sales for spring and fall in Scottsdale, AZ. I have ordered tomato seeds from TomatoFest for the past five years. The selection is the best in the US and their service is outstanding. My germination rate from their seeds is between 90 and 100 percent. I have met Gary Ibsen at one of his TomatoFest celebrations in 2007 and he is a dedicated heirloom professional.
Sent to Garden Watchdog at from AZ Heirlooms, Scottsdale AZ
Had a great growing season in 2010. Going to get my order together shortly for next season. Some of our favorites from this past season were the Abe Lincolns and once again the Big Beef. Folks are raving about our canned tomatoes and wanting more! Couldn't believe the size of those Aussie's! Practically getting 100% germination...amazing! Thanks again!
BZ, McHenry, Illinois.