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Sunset's Red Horizon Tomato

This heirloom tomato is a huge, 4 to 5 1/2-inch, red, meaty flesh, oxheart-shaped, glorious fruit. An outstanding heirloom native to Southern Russia with wispy vines similar to the popular Anna Russian. Introduced to the west by Nik Peplenov who immigrated to the US in 1999 and brought with him his favorite heirloom seeds from the Rostov Don region of Russia. They were not only one of the first varieties to produce but produced fruit well into November (in Oregon and in California) and proved resistant to frost. Sunset's Red Horizon has also proved resistant to blossom end rot and cracking. Sunset's Red Horizon is a splendid producer of very delicious fruit with huge, old-fashioned tomatoey flavors.

Seeds were obtained from Nik Peplenov by Kelley Spurling in Scotland, who called the variety Rostova. Gary Ibsen received seeds and permission from Kelley Spurling to rename this variety Sunset's Red Horizon, in gratitude to Sunset magazine for their gardening support of their readers, and because this tomato was so well suited to growing in the western United States. This wonderful, big, tomato variety was introduced by TomatoFest to home gardeners as Sunset's Red Horizon.