High-Altitude Tomato Seed Collection
High-Altitude Tomato Seed Collection

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Yes, you can grow tomatoes at higher elevations. However, to be successful at growing at elevations above 3000' gardeners plan, prepare and pay more attention to the details that can effect your success or failure. We have friends who grow tomatoes successfully at 5000', 6000', and even 7000' where sunlight can be minimized with the terrain, tree cover and a tomato growing season limited to weeks. Remember, tomatoes originally came from the high country of Peru. Think of that for a challenge!

Choosing the right short-season varieties is as important as selecting varieties that are suitable to cooler areas. We are sure you will find the "High-Altitude Collection" we offer you here will provide you a delightful and abundant high-altitude harvest. This collection contains individual packs of the following heirloom tomato varieties: (25 - 30 seeds/pack).

  • Sasha's Altai - An excellent variety from Russia. From a grower names Sasha from Irkutsk who claimed this variety that he grew in his garden in the Altai Shan mountain range was the "best tomato in all of Siberia." Sasha's Altai was selected by Organic Garden Magazine as one of the 10 best early producing tomatoes in the world. A hearty heirloom tomato plant that produces very good yields of 4-6 oz., thinned-skinned, bright-red, slightly flattened, round tomatoes with an award-winning complex flavor. Fruit sets well in cooler coastal climates and high altitudes. Determinate. 57 days.
  • Earliana - Clusters of 4-6 beautiful, uniformly round, red-pink tomatoes. Wonderful sweet/tart flavors. Produces well until frost and appears to have good disease resistance. Indeterminate. 68 days.
  • Nikolayev Yellow Cherry - Rare Russian cherry tomato that bursts with so much flavor you will feel addicted to snacking in the vineyard. Produces huge amounts of 3/4-inch, bright-yellow cherry tomatoes. Another Russian variety that produces fruit even in cooler growing regions. Disease resistant.. Semi-Determinate. 69 days.
  • Prescott - A stocky determinate plant that produces abundant amounts of 1 3/4-inch, pink, oval, fleshy fruits with delicious slightly tart flavors. Prescott is a good choice for high altitude or cooler growing regions. Determinate. 69 days.
  • Aurora - Named for the Aurora Borealis. Compact, bushy, determinate plants produce impressively heavy crops of 4-6 oz., red, round, blemish-free, oblate tomatoes with acidic but delicious tomatoey flavors. Produces well in cooler climates, coastal climates or high altitudes, in the field, in the greenhouse or containers. An excellent choice for a heavy producing early tomato for market. A great canning tomato! Determinate. 59 days.
  • Black Cherry - Abundant crops in huge clusters of 1", round, deep purple, mahogany-brown cherry tomatoes. Fruits are irresistibly delicious with sweet, rich, complex, full tomato flavors that burst in your mouth, characteristic of the best flavorful black tomatoes. Beautiful to mix with other colored cherry tomatoes. Unique tomato variety. Disease resistant. Once you try it...you want MORE. Indeterminate. 64 days.
  • Gold Dust - Developed at University of New Hampshire. An extra early, determinate shrub producer of beautiful, 8 oz., 2-inch, firm, smooth, gold tomatoes. Crack resistant. Uniform ripening. Determinate. 62 days.
  • Azoychka - A very productive Russian heirloom found at the Bird Market in Moscow. ("Azoychka" is a woman's name.). Abundant crop of smooth, 3-inch, 10-16 oz., slightly flattened oblate, meaty, yellow/orange tomatoes with a luscious sweet citrusy flavor. Unlike most yellow tomatoes this variety has a good acidic balance to its fruity sweetness resulting in lots of robust, complex flavors. Rare tomato seeds. Indeterminate. 70 days.

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