Heirloom Tomato Videos

Good News From The Garden:
A 5-part series about some of the most popular heirloom tomato varieties.

Part 1 - Paul Robeson Heirloom Tomato

This favorite Russian "black" heirloom tomato was named after the operatic artist who won acclaim as an advocate of equal rights for Blacks. Our organic black tomato seeds produce terrific "black" beefsteak tomatoes that are slightly flattened, and grow to 4-inches. A very flavorful tomato with luscious, earthy, exotic flavors and good acid/sweet balance. Paul Robeson won "Best of Show" tomato at the Carmel TomatoFest.

Part 2 - Green Zebra Heirloom Tomato

Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce an abundant crop of 2-inch, round, tomatoes that ripen to a yellow-gold with dark-green zebra-like stripes. The flesh is lime-emerald in color that has an invigorating lemon-lime flavor. This is a great green tomato for brightening up salads and other tomato dishes. Try our Green Zebra Tomato Seeds for your tomato garden.

Part 3 - Julia Child Heirloom Tomato

The tall, indeterminate, potato-leaf plant produces abundant crops of 4-inch, deep-pink, lightly-fluted, beefsteak tomatoes that have the kind of robust tomato flavors and firm, juicy flesh that invites tomato feasting and tomato seed-saving. This is one of the "Top Ten" tomatoes for flavor in several years of tomato tasting and will sure to be a standard offering in your tomato garden once you try it.

Part 4 - Hillbilly Heirloom Tomato

An Ohio beefsteak heirloom tomato originally from West Virginia producing 1-2 lb. huge, heavily-ribbed, orange-yellow tomatoes with pastel-red mottled skin and red streaks within. Very sweet, fruity flavors and low acidity makes this a sought-after tomato. Hillbilly Heirloom Tomato is a favorite choice with customers at farmer's markets and when we do tomato tastings at our local Whole Foods Market. Try it in big slices with other colored tomatoes in a tomato salad or in thick slices on a sandwich.

Part 5 - Black Cherry Heirloom Tomato

The Black Cherry tomato is one of America's most popular tomato varieties.

This tall, vigorous tomato plant produces abundant crops of 1-inch, deep mahogany-brown cherry tomatoes. The only round, truly black cherry tomato we've found. Fruits are irresistibly delicious with sweet, complex, full flavors, characteristic of the "blacks." Beautiful to mix with other cherries. This is sure to become one of your favorite tomatoes too.