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At our TomatoFest Tomato Seed Store of organic tomato seeds I've grouped our selection of heirloom tomatoes by color and cherry tomatoes of all colors to make it easier to plan your tomato garden: Red Tomato Seeds, Pink Tomato Seeds, Yellow-Orange Tomato Seeds (pale yellow tomatoes, gold tomatoes to dark orange tomatoes), Purple-Black Tomato Seeds, Bi-Colored Tomato Seeds, Other Colored Tomato Seeds (including white tomato seeds, green tomato seeds and even blue tomato seeds).

As I do when assisting shoppers of fresh heirloom tomatoes in the produce market, I encourage you to choose a tomato selection of a few colors. This will offer you the pleasures of adding to the visual display of your harvest while bringing to you a palette of flavors for eating off the vine and preparing fresh salads or cooking. (My favorite tomato sauce is one that contains a few tomato varieties and lots of brilliant colors.)

Red Tomato Seeds:

Fashion designer Bill Blass once said, "Red is the ultimate cure for sadness." Well, bite into a perfectly ripe, red, home-grown, heirloom tomato and you have just lifted your spirits as well as your taste awareness.into sublime.

Remember those red, round, no taste, tennis ball tough red tomatoes that have plagued the supermarkets until the heirloom tomatoes were rediscovered. They have been fast replaced in many better restaurants and produce markets with flavorful tomatoes of all colors, including our old friend RED. With all the interest in other colored heirloom tomatoes these days...red tomatoes are still the over-all favorite. We offer what may be the largest selection of red heirloom tomatoes and open-pollinated red tomatoes of any supplier of red tomato seeds. And we have selected for you biggest flavored red tomatoes from around the world.

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Purple-Black Tomato Seeds:

"Black" tomatoes are fast becoming the new "red" tomato. "Black" tomatoes are not really black. Black tomatoes covers a range of dark colors (deep purple, dusky deep brown, smoky dark mahogany color with dark green shoulders, blueish-brown). The depth and darker range of colors seems to be encouraged by a higher acid and mineral content in the soil or higher temperatures.

Many years ago, about the time I first discovered the pleasures of heirloom tomatoes, a friend who had just returned from Russia presented me with some seeds of a delicious tomato from Irkutsk. It was a Black Prince, a true Siberian tomato. My first harvest produced fruit that I thought looked more like a Fabergé jeweled egg, than a tomato. I marveled in disbelief at the almost phosphorescent colors of green, purple and pink that seeped from beneath the dark, purple-mahogany fruit. Best of all, the taste was spectacular. So began my crusade to find and grow "black" tomato varieties.

Black tomatoes have become very popular.the Cinderellas of better produce markets. The black tomatoes are native to Southern Ukraine during the early 19th century. They originally existed in only a small region on the Crimean Peninsula. Soon they were showing up as new varieties in many all shapes and sizes began to appear throughout the territories of the former Soviet Union. Then they began turning up in the former Yugoslavia, Germany, and the United States.

Black tomatoes are most appreciated for their especially bold, complex and earthy flavors. We are proud to present our outstanding line of black heirloom tomato seeds and black open-pollinated tomato seeds. We have one of the largest selections of purple-black tomato seeds, including some little known and rare varieties of black tomatoes. I invite you to bless your tomato garden with one or more varieties of our spectacular organically grown, black tomato seeds including; Black From Tula tomato seeds, Black Krim tomato seeds (aka Black Crimson), Black Ethopian tomato seeds, Black tomato seeds, Black Prince, Japanese Black Trifele, Nyagous black tomato, Paul Robeson black tomato, Purple Prince, Purple Russian, Southern Night black tomato, Black Cherry, Black Plum. Purple Calabash black tomato, Aunt Ginny's Purple, Cherokee Chocolate, Cherokee Purple, Indische Fleish black tomato, Purple Prince, Schwarze Sarah black tomato. This season we will be harvesting seeds of several other black tomato varieties to offer your garden including the "Black Brandywine" tomato; "Black Sea Man," black tomato; "Carbon," black tomato; "Blueberries," black tomato: "Helsing Junction Blues," "Indigo Rose, "Indigo Apple," black tomato; "Purple Bumblebee, "and others.

Each year our organic black tomato varieties continue to place high in taste tests against red tomatoes and pink tomatoes. Several years ago at the Carmel TomatoFest tomato tasting, Paul Robeson, was selected as the Grand Award Winner for "Best Tasting" tomato of the event. It's been winning awards ever since then. The Japanese Black Trifele heirloom tomato is also extremely popular in Russia and is now becoming known in the U.S. for it's beautiful, blemish-free skin and rich, complex flavors.

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Pink Tomato Seeds:

Pink tomatoes range in color from light pink to dark pink almost to the point of appearing red. TomatoFest carries around 80 varieties of organic, pink tomato seeds. They come in all shapes and sizes and sweetness levels. I've found that in recent years produce markets seem to prefer the pink tomatoes to many of the well-established and great tasting red tomatoes because their customers seem to identify pink with the heirloom tomatoes they seek and shy away from the red tomatoes that for so long did not carry the better flavor. Two favorite tomatoes that I introduced to the marketplace are big robust tasting, pink tomatoes Marianna's Peace heirloom tomato and Julia Child heirloom tomato. There are many pink tomato varieties that are historically valued for their big, old-fashioned tomatoey flavors including: 1884 heirloom tomato, Anna Russian, Tidwell German, Brandywine, German Johnson, Bull's Heart tomato, Mrs. Houseworth and Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter tomato.

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Bi-Colored Tomato Seeds:

Bi-Colored tomatoes, or striped tomatoes, come in an amazing kaleidoscope of colors: red tomatoes with yellow stripes, red tomatoes with orange or green stripes, black tomatoes with orange stripes, green tomatoes with yellow stripes and many more intoxicatingly wonderful combinations of color. A rainbow of experiences for growing in your garden.

Generally speaking, most Bi-Colored tomatoes (or striped tomatoes) I've found to be sweeter flavored tomato varieties. With almost 50 varieties of Bi-Colored tomatoes offered, I'm sure there will be a few that will become some of your favorites. You will find that some of the striping is different from tomato variety to tomato variety. (For example, the tightly defined striping of the Vintage Wine versus the wide muted striping and mottling of the Hillbilly.) Many of these varieties I grow every year because I love the distinctiveness of their flavors and because they are such tomato showpieces.

One of the most popular bi-colored tomato varieties is the Green Zebra tomato.and rightly so. When Green Zebra is ripe the colors of green striping become more pronounced against a pale, mustard-yellow background. Its delicious, sweet, tropical fruity favors are tinged with playful tangs of lemon-lime. In a salad with other colored heirloom tomatoes it teases the palette and sparks the grouping of tomato flavors into song. Unfortunately, Green Zebra's popularity has produced some unscrupulous tomato growers who feel they must grow and market Green Zebra to satisfy the demand, and choose to harvest the fruit when it is rock hard and bitter. It upsets me to see unripe and deserving Green Zebra fruits on the produce market shelves just because the grower/distributor doesn't want to suffer losses due to mishandling the more fragile ripe fruits. When you grow your own Green Zebra tomatoes you get to enjoy them at their finest. Our organic Green Zebra tomato seeds produce larger, sweeter fruit than some other strains.

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Yellow-Orange Tomato Seeds:

There's Gold in them thar hills.and it's in your garden.

Yellow-Orange Tomatoes come in a fascinating and beautiful range of colors (pale cream yellow, dusky yellow, bright orange, pastel to brilliant gold). Yellow-Orange-Gold tomatoes are currently HOT in restaurants with chefs' culinary creations and in the marketplace.

Years ago I grew my heirloom tomatoes in an arbor 10' tall and 10' across and on both sides of a path for almost 200'. I tied up each plant to the top and then across the top of the arbor so it became a long, covered tunnel of brilliantly colored tomatoes. At noon the sun would turn the gold colored fruit to jewels. It was a perfect place for resting, or to set a table beneath for lunch, music and wine. I was dazzled and inspired by the experience.

We are proud to grow for our tomato gardening friends almost 80 varieties of organic yellow tomato seeds, orange tomato seeds and gold tomato seeds, including some of my favorites; Amana Orange heirloom tomato, Yellow Ruffled, Mandarin Orange (OP), Gary Ibsen's Gold heirloom tomato, Amish Gold, Homer Fike's Yellow Oxheart (which looks more gold than yellow), Azoychka (a Russian heirloom tomato) Aunt Gertie's Gold, Flamme, Big Orange, Dixie Golden Giant and Kellogg's Breakfast heirloom tomato.

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Other Colored Tomato Seeds:

White tomatoes are not really white.more like a light cream colored tomato to a very pale ivory or yellow tomato. I've grown many white tomatoes and selected to keep growing the ones that are most flavorful. Many other white tomatoes are bland and not interesting enough for us to keep growing. The white tomato seeds we carry in our store produce fruits that are are sweet with just enough acid to keep the sweetness enticing and pleasurable. I'm excited to share the selection of white tomato seeds we consider to be the best tasting, including: Great White tomato seeds, Halfmoon China tomato seeds, Potato Leaf White tomato seeds, White Beauty, White, Dr. Carolyn cherry tomato seeds, and White Queen.

Don't be afraid of the green tomatoes that are supposed to stay green when ripe.cause they are SWEET. Yes sweet, not the bitter green of every unripe tomato.

Many people ask me, "Well, how do tell when a green tomato is ripe?" "Feel 'em," I reply. "If they are soft enough to feel moisture beneath the flesh, it's ripe" But with some experience, you can generally tell by looking at the fruit.

Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato, Grandma Oliver's green tomato, and Charlie's Green tomato have been favorites of mine for a long time. My favorite Green tomato is now Green Giant introduced to me by my gardening friend Cynthia Sandberg of Love Apple Farm. Our organic gree tomato seeds should be given a place in your garden.if only just one variety.

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Cherry Tomato Seeds:

All Tomatoes were originally developed from a cherry (currant) tomato from South America. I'm among those tomato lovers who love the smaller-fruited cherry tomato varieties for their intense burst of flavor... so wonderfully condensed. And what a range of flavors... from mouth-puckering tart to candy-sweet, fruit-like flavors.

We carry almost 50 varieties of Cherry Tomatoes for your choosing. All of these cherry tomatoes have pronounced, wonderful flavors...all slightly different from the other...any will leaved you pleased.

I assembled for you here a selection of different colors and different shapes that are sure to evoke delightful compliments when displayed by themselves in a bowl for snacking, added to salads or into dishes you create with these cherry tomatoes as garnish, or a main ingredient.

You may enjoy planting a row of different colored cherry tomatoes, or even surround your porch or patio with these tomato plants. When my children were small I would plant different colored cherry tomatoes outside of their bedroom windows, tied up to the eves of the roof. When the sun would hit the cherry tomatoes in the morning a rainbow of colored light reflected from the fruits into their rooms. Open windows allowed all day snacking with friends. The kids grew up with cherry tomatoes. I'm sure you will find one or more of these cherry tomato varieties perfect for you.

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