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"Gary's Favorites" Tomato Seed Collection, etc.

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The tomato varieties I chose for Gary's Favorites Tomato Seeds Collection are not only personal favorite heirloom tomato varieties for enjoying at home, but they are also favorite heirloom tomatoes for growing for markets and restaurants. I included tomato varieties that you may not have tried before...all are tomato varieties that will become among your favorite tomatoes as well.

The Aussie is a dependably large, meaty, delicious red tomato. The Black Krim is one of the top best tasting black tomatoes...a delicious and beautiful addition to a salad...and an excellent tomato for sauces. Black Cherry is one of the hot new tomato varieties in better produce markets and on menus of finer restaurants. Dagma's Perfection is one of the sweetest tasting tomatoes I grow, a low-acid tomato with just enough acid to offer a wonderful mouth-feel and complexity in flavor.

Gary's Favorites Tomato Seeds Collection is a great compliment to our other heirloom tomato seed collections for your garden, or as a wonderful gift by itself for others.

"Gary's Favorites" Tomato Seed Collection, etc.

A great selection of shapes, colors, sizes of heirloom tomatoes for your garden with the most delicious flavors. This heirloom tomato seed collection contains individual packs of the following heirloom tomato varieties: (25 - 30 seeds/pack)

Cost: $23, a savings of $5.60 off individual seed pack price.

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  • Aussie Tomato - (Large Australian heirloom plant producing big yields of (1-2 lb.) red, meaty, beefsteak tomatoes that are somewhat ribbed. Delicious, bold tomatoey flavors. Good disease resistance. A show tomato! Indeterminate. 85 Days)
  • Black Cherry Tomato - (Abundant crops of 1", deep mahogany-brown fruits. The only round, truly black cherry we've found. Fruits are irresistibly delicious with sweet, complex, full flavors. Indeterminate. 64 Days)
  • Black Krim Tomato - (Russian. 5" slightly flattened, mahogany-colored fruit with deep green shoulders. Fantastic taste. Indeterminate. 75 Days)
  • Brandywine, Suddath's Strain Tomato - (Prolific potato leaf plant producing 1-2 lb. large, pink fruit. This strain is believed to be the original Brandywine. Excellent flavor! Indeterminate. 85 Days)
  • Dagma's Perfection Tomato - (An abundant producer of 12 oz., slightly flattened, pale-yellow fruits with delicate, light red striping. Deliciously flavorful with overtones of tropical fruit. Firm, juicy and elegant in the mouth, and jewel-like in appearance. Indeterminate. 73 Days)
  • Flamme Tomato - (Prolific French heirloom that bears in clusters of 6, beautiful, 1 1/2-inch, round, golf-ball sized tomatoes that are persimmon-orange colored inside and out. A delicious full-bodied flavor that literally bursts in your mouth. Very decorative. Indeterminate. 70 Days)
  • Green Zebra Tomato - (An exquisite tomato! The 2-inch round fruit ripens to a yellow-gold with dark-green zebra-like stripes. The flesh is lime-emerald in color with an invigorating lemon-lime flavor. Indeterminate. 75 Days.)
  • Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato - (1 lb., deep orange beefsteak tomatoes that are thin-skinned, meaty, and have a fantastic sweet, tangy flavor. Juice and inside flesh have the same bright orange color as orange juice. Indeterminate. 80 Days)