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"Novelty" Tomato Seed Collection

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The criteria for choosing tomato varieties for the Novelty Tomato Seeds Collection was to select for you a collection of tomato varieties that were unusual, special in their physical appearance, yet delicious. The Chinese heirloom tomato appears more like a pepper than a tomato, and is a great flavorful, sauce tomato. The Zapotec Pleated heirloom tomato is a highly decorative, deeply pleated tomato that is also good for sauces and salads. The Green Grape heirloom tomato does not taste green...more like fruit and it's a great snacking tomato or garnish for your favorite culinary delights. The Japanese Black Trifele, Purple Calabash and Vintage Wine heirloom tomatoes are now very popular for their flavors and appearance. The Japanese Black Trifele is just one variety among a family of Japanese Trifele tomatoes grown in Russia. The Japanese Black Trifele tomato is extremely popular in Russia for it's beautiful, blemish-free skin and rich, complex flavors.

Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy the tomato varieties in the Novelty Tomato Seeds Collection. Guaranteed to be appreciated by you or anyone else who receives it as a gift for their own garden of tomato delights.

"Novelty" Tomato Seed Collection

A selection of unusual heirloom tomato favorites with different colors, shapes and sizes to spice up a summer garden. A perfect gift for the tomato gardener who would cherish some delicious and different tomato varieties to show off! This organic heirloom tomato seeds collection contains individual packs of the following heirloom tomato varieties: (25 - 30 seeds/pack)

Cost: $20, a savings of $6.60 off individual seed pack price.

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  • Chinese Tomato (A long red paste tomato that looks a lot like a red pepper. 2 x 5-inch, almost seedless fruit, with surprisingly good flavor. Indeterminate. 76 Days.)
  • Cream Sausage Tomato (This regular leaf bush is a prolific producer of 3-inch long, creamy white-yellow, sausage type paste tomatoes with small nipple on blossom end.. Very good flavor. Great for making a yellow sauce. Determinate. 73 Days.)
  • Elfin Tomato (Vigorous short, bushy plant that produces massive bunches of 3/4-inch, grape-like, (plum to pear shaped) fruits. Extra flavorful and crisp snacking tomato. Determinate. 55 Days.)
  • Green Grape Tomato (The distinctive, 1" yellowish green fruits are borne in clusters of 6-12 that resemble large muscat grapes. Fruit has a translucent pale-green on the inside. This variety has become popular in restaurants and markets because of their unique attractiveness and great flavor. Indeterminate. 60 Days.)
  • Japanese Black Trifele Tomato (In Russia the Trifele varieties of tomatoes (of which there are several colors) are highly prized and command big prices. This short, potato-leaf plant yields prolific quantities of 6 oz. fruit that looks like a beautiful mohogany-colored Bartlett pear with greenish shoulders. Luscious fruit all summer long. Indeterminate. 90 Days.)
  • Purple Calabash Tomato (A beautiful, drought tolerant variety producing small to medium (2 1/2 to 3-inch), flat, deeply ruffled, chocolate-brown to deep-purple fruit. Intensely rich, almost wine-like flavor. Crack resistant and stores well. A winner!! Indeterminate. 85 Days.)
  • Vintage Wine Tomato (A wonderful new addition to your garden. Pink with gold-striped, pastel-hued, 1 lb. tomato with pronounced, elegant sweet delicious flavor. Tall, potato-leaf plant producing lots of fruit. Indeterminate. 84 Days.)
  • Zapotec Pleated Tomato (A prolific and exotic Mexican Indian variety. Deeply pleated, almost triangular in shape, pink-red fruit with hollow interior. Indeterminate. 85 Days.)